OPTIVOICE Web APPS turn your phone system built on VoipNow platform from GOOD to GREAT

Give your customers extra reasons to choose you as a provider for their phone system. More apps means more tools to support them in their daily endeavors.


Apps we developed so far


helps call-center departments in their daily tasks

Empower the team leaders

To observe calls received and initiated by agents in their departments from anywhere in the world. They can Listen, Whisper and Barge-In on live calls.
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designed for telesales and telemarketing activities

Boost your telesales

It connects the called party to the agent, as soon as the latter has ended the previous call and without him having to dial a new phone number.
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enables usefull customer feedback

Measure customer satisfaction

Get after-call evaluation from your customers.The app can also be used for quick, easy to use and totally objective market research.
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Trying to decide which one to start with? Get them all!

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